Junkyard Cart Racing

Junkyard Cart Racing is a fun interactive team-building event.  It allows it's attendees to have a fun, creative and hands on experience as they design and develop a go-cart constructed out of PVC pipe.
Each team will have to designate a team leader, design and build a go-cart, market and sell this design and finally race the cart against time down the obstacle course.

Carts will have to support one team member as they are pushed or pulled through the race track/obstacle course by a second team member who will be blindfolded.  The driver will have to develop clear communication with the engine to help them navigate down the course.


This is a two hour event.


Junkyard Cart flyer

A short one page flyer on how Junkyard Cart Racing works. Please feel free to download this .pdf and share it with your co-workers. Should you have any further questions about this program please contact us.


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