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Sound, Lighting, and Stage Décor is an area that Powers Entertainment believes should get more attention. 

How many times have you been to a meeting that has only the minimum in Lighting Décor?  Using our many years experience attending and producing such meetings we have developed a very inexpensive way for meeting planners to get the most out of their staging; and make their next conference look amazing!

We have developed, designed, and own very simple yet very dynamic staging props.  Props such as large 18’ boxed columns that glow, giant white sails that light up brightly with multicolored lights, polished aluminum trussing, and many other designs and Ideas.

Because we own our props and don’t simply rent from other companies, we offer the lowest pricing directly to you as well as control the quality of our props and equipment.

Sound & Lighting:

Powers Entertainment has been providing Sound & Lighting for bands, concerts, and corporate meetings for the past 15 years.  We use only the very best in the industry.  Lets face it, it may cost a little more but it’s sure worth it when your event goes off without a hitch. Our Riggers, Audio Engineers, Lighting Technicians, and setup crews are all fully licensed and insured to ensure you quality and piece of mind.  We use equipment such as High End Systems, EAW, Shure, Etc..

Imagine holding your next conference with tall 16’ to 18’ black pipe and drape behind the stage, multiple pieces of large white pieces of cloth draping from the top to the bottom of the pipe and drape and being accented with brilliant colors.  Now imagine the entire stage being lit so your presenters stand out from the décor, and can be seen from the far back of the room.  The sound is rich, full, and clear; every word spoken is clean and heard with ease.

This is how we at Powers Entertainment believe each meeting/conference should be presented to your attendees.

When hiring a band, comedian, or any type of entertainment, it’s always a great idea to have a professional Sound & Lighting system available for them to use.  When having professional technicians running the sound, we can guarantee the volume stays at a comfortable volume.

If you happen to hire a band/entertainer with a rider that requires special attention or back-line equipment, we can handle it!  Just give us a call, or simply forward us the rider; be sure to include the performance date, time and location.

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