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Many people have seen a Comedy Hypnosis show either on TV or in a comedy club, but what makes a Comedy Hypnosis show such a success in the corporate world? You actually know and get to watch the people you work with completely out of character, and that's funny!

This show is so funny so there is no need to be rude. Our goal is to be invited back again and again. We will always treat your guests with respect.

A Corporate Stage Hypnotist is like a casting director for a movie. Selecting creative people who can vividly imagine and act on what is written in the script as if it were really happening.

Comedy Hypnosis is interactive corporate entertainment with guests from the audience responding in a variety of different ways making no two shows the same. It's also perfect convention entertainment.

Introducing Comedy Hypnotist Brian Powers

Brian Powers

Across the United States into Canada and aboard Norwegian Cruise Lines, audiences were found to be laughing and talking about this amazing Comedy Hypnotist, Brian Powers and his hilarious Comedy Hypnosis Show. Fascinating, dramatic and unforgettable are the words most often chosen by guests to describe "The Powers of the Mind" comedy hypnosis show.

For more than a decade, Comedy Hypnotist Brian Powers has been mesmerizing audiences from coast to coast with his hilarious comedy hypnosis show, "Powers of the Mind".

Each and every event provides comical college and corporate entertainment that will have your crowd crying tears of laughter and on the edge of their seats where volunteers on stage are placed into a hypnotic or dream-like state.

Every show is different because all participants are different and, best of all, unpredictable! Sit back and relax as you watch the "Powers of the Mind" Comedy Hypnosis Show from Comedy Hypnotist Brian Powers express itself in a world of imagination, all to the delight of the audience. All situations are presented in good taste.

Communication Seminar

Using his unique ability to combine Comedy Entertainment and Education, Brian will put an end to dull seminars. He will show your employees how to use their subconscious potential to help your bottom line!

Brian travels coast-to-coast performing his Powers of the Mind Comedy Hypnosis Show and then following it with a unique motivational seminar. A fun seminar designed to unlock the hidden potential inside the mind.

The key to a successful seminar is that everyone gets to see the Comedy Hypnosis Show first. This is critical because after watching the show, the audience is more eager to absorb the seminar material.

Brian is certified in Clinical and Emergency Hypnosis. He will show you how to reduce stress in the workplace, increase sales performance and enhance your overall company productivity by utilizing the same hypnosis techniques for the Comedy Hypnosis show.

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