The Ultimate Trivia Challenge is a game show event that can be used as a Team-building activity or just an interactive night of entertainment.  Trivia Questions and low impact physical challenges will  give your team members a chance to get involved as a whole.

As a Team-building Activity, The Ultimate Trivia Challenge is used to wrap-up your conference or meeting by customizing the questions to reflect key points that were learned during the duration of said conference or meeting.


As an Interactive Night of Entertainment, The Ultimate Trivia Challenge uses fun common knowledge questions, riddles, Name that Tune and Minute-to-Win-It style challenges to create a fun and competitive atmosphere.




Experience all the fun and excitement of this Challenge Competition! 

How It Works

To ensure complete audience interaction, your entire group will be divided into four teams.  Each team will elect a volunteer to come to the stage to represent their team for one round of questions.  As each question is read the contestant must press their "Lockout" buzzer to indicate they would like to give an answer...if correct they will receive said amount of points.  At the end of each round a new contestant will volunteer to come to the stage for the next round of questions.  The team with the most points at the end of the event will be crowned the winner!


The Ultimate Trivia Challenge can be presented in several different ways.  

First way, questions will be read off of question cards the Host holds in his hands.


We can also use our game software to project both our questions or your customized questions onto a projection screen in several popular TV style Game Shows your guests might already be familiar with.  Games styles include Jeopardy Wheel of Fortune, Family Feud and Deal or No Deal.

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