The Challenge Competition Show




Experience all the fun and excitement of The Challenge Competition! 

The Challenge Competition Show is perfect for Corporate Events, Colleges and Reunions. Trivia Questions and low impact physical challenges will  give your team members a chance to get involved as a whole.
This is a great idea for a team building activity.

How It Works

Your group is divided into four teams.  Each group will have one representative per round on stage to answer a series of trivia questions.  These questions will also include music trivia.

We do not forget the team members as each group member is provided with a noise maker.  The more noise the team makes in support for its representative on stage the more likely that team may receive extra bonus points for ENTHUSIASM.

The trivia questions are designed to be fun and educational.  For example: What green substance made Superman weak? What does WD stand for in WD-40?  What's the most popular color used in Professional Jello wrestling?

Low impact physical challenges add to the fun and enthusiasm and will give your team members a chance to get involved as a whole.

We provide the noise makers, and a DJ for music cues and contestant changes.  The DJ can also stick around and provide additional hours of dance music.

A complete turn-key event.  Don't miss out on this unique entertainment! 

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